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Sex, wealth, status they had everything but what they wanted most...

Mary Beth, Nikki, and Gabrielle the Atkinson cousins. They have little in common except the vast fortune they inherited and a childhood spent amid the splendor of Manhattan townhouses and summers on Martha's Vineyard. Marked by a summer tragedy they've all tried to forget, each woman has struggled to find her own way to cope with the secrets of the past...until their trusted executor disappears with their money, and they must come together once again to find him.

MARY BETH: Now a pillar of the New York social scene, buying designer clothing and priceless jewels that even she cannot afford, Mary Beth is embroiled in planning her daughter's preposterously lavish wedding.

NIKKI: Searching for peace on the Vineyard, Nikki pours her inheritance into endless charity work and tries to pretend that her life is fulfilling.

GABRIELLE: Sequestered by choice in magnificent Tuscany, Gabrielle hoards her money in a Swiss bank account, safe from her husband who knows nothing of her wealth.

For each woman, regaining her fortune has a different meaning and will come at a different price. And in the end they'll learn that no one's secrets can stay hidden forever...

Trust Fund Babies
ISBN #0-553-58411-1





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