She made a life with one man 末 but always loved another...

Public scandals of a family destined for political greatness 末 and the private secrets of a woman who traded her childhood dreams for a role she was born to play 末 this is the story of the Adams family of Boston and Martha's Vineyard...

LIZ: As a young girl, Liz always knew that her father, Boston power broker Will Adams, had big plans 末 dreams and schemes that would bring Liz's older brother all the way to the White House. But when fate deals the family a tragic blow, Will is forced to change his picture-perfect plans 末 and place the family's political future squarely on Liz's shoulders.

BEBE: The family rebel, BeBe had built a business and a life exactly where it was best: fifteen hundred miles from the family turmoil of Boston. But now, as the family's darkest hour looms, BeBe must return...

DANNY: Liz's son, beset by a tragedy of his own, now faces a challenge even greater when he learns about loss and family loyalty and the power of the expectations of others.

The Summer House
ISBN #0-553-58083-3




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