Jean Stone
Writing as
Abby Drake 

Family Secrets, Lies, and Money!

After twenty years, the Dalton sisters reunite at quirky Uncle Edward’s lavish Westchester estate to celebrate the old coot’s 75th birthday. Perhaps they will discover who will inherit all his money...if only they can find him.

Ellie, Amanda, and Babe put aside their differences and go on the hunt: they search the grounds, the island, and the deep lake water.

None of them expects that Carleen will have the nerve to show up, too, that she’ll be brazen enough to return to the place where so much happened so many years ago. None of them expects to have to finally deal with old wounds, old hurts, old loves...the unspoken and the unforgiven.

After all, throughout the years, they’ve survived careers, children, husbands, and lots of situations in between. Their lives are very different, their worlds totally mismatched now.

But they’re still sisters, aren’t they?

THE SECRETS SISTERS KEEP is a fun, fast-paced romp through family entanglements, and is, of course, loaded with surprises. It’s a playful, heartfelt peek into the things that sisters often do to protect one other from, well, mostly from one other.


October 2010

The Secrets Sisters Keep
From Avon
An Imprint of HarperCollins
ISBN 978-0-06-187832-9




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