They were four women with only one thing in common: each gave her baby up to a stranger...

They met in a home for unwed mothers, where all they had to hold on to was each other. Now, twenty-five years later, it's time to go back and face the past. The date is set for a reunion with the children they have never known. But who will find the courage to attend?

JESS: She seemed to have it all a successful husband, beautiful children, and a lavish country home. But something was missing, had always been missing. And now that her teenage daughter is pregnant, all Jess can think of is the child she gave away...

SUSAN: For this divorced college professor, the psychedelic sixties had been bright with purpose, love and David. But when she gave up his child, nothing was ever the same. Now Susan stands to lose a second child the rebellious teenage son so like herself at the same age...

P.J.: Even as a teen, nothing could stop this gorgeous redhead from getting ahead not even an unwanted pregnancy. But as a high-powered art director on her way to an executive office, she may finally have found the one thing that can make her slow down her whirlwind life: the chance that it might end...

GINNY: A streetwise yet vulnerable survivor, she's an unlikely Hollywood wife. But men, money, and four marriages can't erase the horrors of her past...or satisfy her need for love.

Sins of Innocence
Bantam Books
ISBN #0-553-56342-4




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