They once were college roommates...but now they're in their early forties, reunited when one of them is getting married for the second-time-around and wants the others as her bridesmaids. None of them expects that planning a simple wedding will forever change each of their lives:

JO - A beautiful townie, the "Most Likely to Succeed," who did succeed until a man unraveled everything she'd worked for, and unraveled her as well.

LILY - An airheaded, flighty romantic who still believes love conquers all; a recent widow with more money that even she can count, and time and boredom on her hands.

SARAH - Half-Cherokee, half-Irish, a fabulous jewelry designer with a huge creative spirit, a giving, loving heart, and a touch of mystery that no one can quite reach.

ELAINE - The reincarnation of a 50's housewife, whose hearth and home are most important, especially when she uses them to conceal her darkest secrets. 

Enjoy the romp of ONCE UPON A BRIDE as the former roommates and their special friend named ANDREW learn that sometimes Second Chances really are the best. Get ready to smile, laugh, and maybe even get out a hankie or two.

Then...the fun continues with Jo, Lily, Sarah, Elaine...and, of course, Andrew!...in TWICE UPON A WEDDING, the second book in this series.

Once Upon A Bride
ISBN #0-553-58685-8




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