They lived a lie...

They met within the ivied walls of one of New England's most prestigious colleges: Three girls from vastly different backgrounds who became roommates, soulmates, and best friends. But fifteen years later, it's not the bonds of friendship that have brought them back together, but the lie they've lived ever since they left those hallowed halls, a lie that has come back to haunt and hurt them...

CHARLIE: A hard-earned scholarship was her passport out of a grimy steel town and into a world of wealth and privilege, where she landed handsome, wealthy Peter Hobart. But her dreams of a fairy-tale marriage were tainted from the first by a well-kept secret. And only now, when she might lose everything, has beautiful, frightened Charlie begun to realize what matters most in life and what she almost threw away.

TESS: Her devoted parents picked out a Prince Charming for her but their plain, gifted, bohemian daughter never found the love she craved. Now, after years of hiding from any chance of pain or rejection, Tess wondered if her time has run out. Will an old sin and a new tragedy be her ruin...or can the lonely artist still recapture the promise of her early work and find a way to finally make her mark on the world?

MARINA: The spoiled, sexy princess from a faraway land craved freedom and found it in one night of sweet, shared passion. But neither her married lover, nor her jet-set escapades could save her from her royal destiny. Now, she must find the courage to save her country and her throne, even as the secrets of the past and an unknown enemy threaten to destroy everything she's worked for.

The years of pretending are over. Now the fate of a young girl and the future of three friends depend on their willingness to tell...Ivy Secrets

Ivy Secrets
ISBN #0-553-57423-X




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