For every woman there is a first love, the love she never forgets, always wondering what would have happened, what might have been. But here are three women with the courage to go back...

MEG: A high-profile New York attorney, she was blessed with brains and beauty, yet she lives a life without love, haunted by the loss of the only man she ever wanted –– a law professor who's now a powerful U.S. senator, still irresistible, still married, and still longing for Meg.

ZOE: Fifteen years ago she'd been a celebrated film star with all of Hollywood at her feet. Now she was a frightened widow, desperate to make a comeback. But once there had been something that meant more to her than fame. Did she dare discover what had become of her hometown sweetheart –– and risk revealing the truth about her teenage son?

ALISSA: The darling of Atlanta café society, she thrived in a world of charity balls and gallery openings, seemingly blessed with a physician husband, two beautiful daughters, and an overflowing trust fund. But in one shocking moment she discovered that her perfect life was a sham and her biggest mistake was leaving Jay, a man who'd abandoned the glitter to find what really mattered...

They gave themselves six months to find the men who'd forever changed their pasts...and maybe could change their futures. Just how strong is the power of... First Loves?

First Loves
ISBN #0-553-56343-2




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