Good Little Wives

  1. Which Good Little Wife best describes…you? Which best describes the woman seated on your right?

  2. Which of the Good Little Wives would you most like to have as your best friend?

  3. What do you think the theme of the book is? (Hint: It’s really not about facelifts or murder.)

  4. Should Bridget stay married to Randall?

  5. Did you feel any compassion for Caroline…if so, when? Why?

  6. Dana has a pretty big family secret. How did this drive her need to help Kitty?

  7. Is Lauren really as air-headed as she comes across? Is she a victim?

  8. Who do you think made the first move- Kitty or Sam?

  9. What plot twist surprised you the most?

  10. Share one word that best describes how you felt about this story.

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