Perfect Little Ladies

  1. Do you think Elinor should have told Malcolm her problem in the beginning?

  2. Three hundred dollars seems like a lot of money for panties, lace or otherwise. What’s the most extravagant item you’ve ever purchased for yourself?

  3. Which of the five ladies (Yolanda included) did you feel most connected to? Why?

  4. Which of the five ladies had the most solid, enviable relationship, past or present, with whom and why?

  5. Which of the five ladies would you most want as a friend you could turn to even in the darkest or the weirdest of times?

  6. Was CJ right to have done the things she’d done for Elinor? Would you have done them for your twin?

  7. What about Poppy and Momma? Would you cover up things for your parent or child that you might not for your sibling?

  8. Describe Alice’s life in one word.

  9. If a high profile man were handsome and sexy and all those other good things, would you risk your marriage and your lifestyle for the thrill of the moment(s) you could spend together? Would you have greater expectations?

  10. At this stage in their lives, would CJ, Alice, Poppy, or Yolanda have risked everything the way Elinor did?

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